Football Niagara's Raffle Rules

Jim Storin


Executive members of NRMFA and their immediate families may not participate in the raffle,or members of the same household.

Maximum number of attempts will be 1

Maximum number of winners covered by this raffle 1

Nothing may be done to enhance the contestants normal chances to win

Attempt will be videotaped

The participant selected shall not transfer his or her attempt to another party. Photo I.D. required to confirm the participant identity.

The attempt will be witnessed by an Official Observer

The participant shall attempt to successfully perform a football related activity using a ball provided by NRMFA

The participant shall not be permitted any practice, second chance or or warm-up attempts.

Only one (1) attempt will be allowed

No part of the participants body or clothing may come in contact with the starting line as determined by NRMFA.

The following classes of people shall not be eligible to Participate

Current or former professional or semi-professional football or soccer players.

Current or former collegiate/university football or soccer player who have played at that level in the past 60 months

Current or former provincial or national football or soccer team player who has played at that level in the past 60 months 

Current or former football or soccer team player at the Varsity level or higher who has played at that level in the past 60 months

In the event of a claim the successful participant must sign and complete a Final Claim Form 

The participant must be of the age of majority (18) in Ontario.

To qualify for the prize the participant must perform the football related activity as specified by NRMFA. Failure or disregard of any of the specified rules will render the event null and void

The participant will be selected during half time of the last Bantam game on August 4th 2019 and will be notified by email/text /phone that they have been selected to attempt a football related activity on August 11,2019 (must be in attendance). The participant will be notified of the activity approximately 24 hours in advance of the half-time for the final championship game.

The participant will perform the activity using only NRMFA provided equipment 

The activity may not be aided by any object or equipment in the field of play 

 The attempt will take place during half-time of the Bantam Championship game on August 11,2019 at the Kiwanis Field located at the   Seymour-Hannah Sports and Entertainment Centre in St Catharines.

The PRIZE has an estimated value not to exceed $50,000.00 (tax included)

Tickest and money is due no later than the begininng of the first Bantam game on August 4th (approximatley 5:00 pm).

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